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Get your Dog a Toy Today especially with Christmas coming up

Get your Dog a Toy Today

Today is a great day to purchase a new toy for your best friend.  They deserve it.

There are a variety of toys which will delight your pooch and will be the highlight of their day.

Toys are great for a variety of reasons including 
  1. Keeping your dog mentally stimulated
  2. Keeping your dog out of trouble
  3. Can be great for exercise
  4. Can be great for bonding together
Your local pet shop will have a variety of toys worth purchasing but keep in mind Amazon could have those toys even cheaper.  Amazon has lots of bargain priced dog toys. Check out the dog toys below which could be a great present for your dog especially as we are getting closer to christmas.

Don't forget to check out our other articles helping with dog hiccups, Tick and flea removal, and leaving your dog at home alone.

So take a look and get your dog a christmas present. Below are some images with links to some highly recommended dog toys on amazon. 


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Great Tips for leaving your dog at home alone while you have to work

Dog left home alone
Tips for leaving the dog home alone


I am sure if you had a chance you would love to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your dog.  I can guarantee your dog would love to do the exact same thing.  But the truth of the matter is that many of us need to work, have a social life and run errands throughout most days.  While there are a lot of people who craze alone time for at least some point of their day, dogs hate being alone.  Dogs are pack creatures and feel safer and more calm when they are with their pack.  Since most people can not be home everyday there are a few simple tricks you can use that will help make your dogs life easier when they are left home alone.

Here are the best tips for leaving a dog at home alone:


The time will pass much quicker for your dog if it sleeps while it is home alone.  The easiest way to get them tired is by taking them for a long walk or run before you leave. One of the great things about a run or walk is that you get exercise and release endorphin's which will make you happy and feeling fit and great.  It also makes your dog happy and fit as well.  A tired dog is a very happy dog as its got a rush of endorphin's and it can take a good long rest while you are away.


If you can't take them for a walk or a run before you leave for the day then why not hire a dog walker.  Its a cheap option which will keep your dog active, happy and tire them out.  You can either get the dog walker to walk them before you leave or they could stop by during the day and take the dog for a walk.  This would break up the day for your dog and give it a bit of excitement to tire it out for the rest of the afternoon.  There are many great ways to find a dog walker such as classifies, asking other dog owners or searching the web on google.


Dogs are very social animals and they love to spend time with some company.  If you can not be there then perhaps another dog will help alleviate any stress for your dog when they are home alone.  Separation anxiety can not always be cured with a second dog though but you don't know till you try.  Before getting another dog you need to be very selective and careful. Don't mix an old dog with a young dog. If your dog is older then this may not be a good solution as young dogs can annoy older dogs and it can lead to fights.  But if you have a puppy then acquiring another puppy could be a great idea to relieve your dogs boredom and anxiety.

Just remember every situation is different and you need to consider many factors such as breed, gender, size, training, temperament of each dog.  These things can help the two dogs get along but even after all considerations and planning you may find the two dogs do not get along.  This can then turn into a very emotional and logistical issue as you may need to keep them separated.

Getting a second dog should be a carefully considered decision.


A lot of the bad dog behavior which can occur while you are not at home generally will occur just because your dog is bored.  When you leave your dog at home, especially a younger puppy, there is going to be times when it is full of energy and it will want to play. Remember puppies are not much different to children, when you are not keeping your puppy occupied they will certainly get into trouble.

Dog toys are one of the best ways to keep your dog amused and happy while it is at home alone. The best dog toys will be a challenge for your puppy and will keep them occupied for large periods of the day while you are not available.

The most recommended Toys for a dog home alone as those which reward your dog with food. The toys hide food inside them and by playing with the toy the dog is rewarded with a treat.  Some dogs get bored with their toys fairly quickly.  IF this is the case with your dog then you should look at getting a new toy at least once a month.


Some foods such as raw hide and bully sticks can take a considerable amount of time to eat.  This can assume your dog for hours as they get some taste out of these foods for hours as they continue to chew on them.  These treats for your dog are generally high in salt though so its a good idea to make sure they have a lot water to drink.  Since the dog is home alone you should invest in an automatic drip feeder in case your dog is extra thirsty or is prone to knocking over their water bowl. An automatic water feeder will continue to deliver fresh water all day long to your canine friend.


Before getting a dog you really should consider whether your lifestyle allows for a dog to be part of it.  Its very important to think and understand how a dog will affect your life.  Some examples of things you really should think about include having to go home to feed your dog straight after work, considering who will look after your dog when you go on vacation or go on overnight trips, and having to keep your dog exercised with daily walks.  Just remember dogs are lifestlye choices which have a ton of responsibility but also come with a ton of love.


If you know that you will be leaving your dog alone at home for extended hours during the day then it is a good idea to consider the breed before getting a dog.

There are dog breeds which have a calmer demeanor and as such are known as low energy breeds.  If you were given a dog, or already have a dog and don't know its breed then a simple breed identifier kit can help you learn your dogs breed.  Knowing your dogs breed allows you to better understand your dog and the problems which may be associated with its breed.

A great idea is adopting an older dog.  They will already be trained and will be calmer throughout the day when left alone.  Plus they have lots of love to give.


Eight hours is the longest you would ever want to leave a dog alone.  This amount of time may be OK for an older, well trained dog but would be far too long for a younger puppy.  Puppies do not have the bladder control, or the calmer temperament which means they would need to be checked in a much shorter time frame.  This is why puppies are a lot more work then an older dog if they are left alone.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

How to remove and prevent ticks an fleas on your dog


tick preventition for dogs
Your Pooch has a flea or tick and your in a panic.  Ticks and fleas are no fun to deal with for you or your dog and ticks can be very dangerous.  Both ticks and fleas will make your dog very uncomfortable and it is even possible that they could catch a variety of diseases.  The first protection is generally applying flea or tick medicine to your precious dog but even these applications can be dangerous is they are not handled carefully.

Prevention is the best advice so we suggest checking out some of these products to help prevent ticks and fleas.


If you see a tick on your dog then I suggest getting your dog to the vet immediately. Ticks are dangerous and can kill your dog if not removed correctly.  In the case that your dog already has a tick and you need to remove it without a veterinarians help then there are a few things to be aware of.  

  • Firstly do not apply tick or flea medicine to remove it now as its too late.  You will need to remove the tick first before applying any future tick and flea medicine as a preventative.
  • Wear gloves or use something over your hands to protect your hands from coming into contact with the tick.  Ticks carry a number of nasty diseases and you do not want to catch a disease from a tick on your dog.
  • Get some tweezers to remove the tick as you are going to need to be very delicate and careful in its removal. Tweezers allow you to grab the tick at its lowest point and provide a good grasp so that you will not squash the ticks body.
  • Put the tweezers as close to your dogs skin as possible.  Be very careful not to pinch your dog or it will pull away and make it harder to remove the tick on subsequent attempts.  
  • If you can try and get someone else to hold and calm your dog so that you can concentrate on removing the tick correctly.
  • Grasp the tick as low as possible and try and pull out straight with a very steady motion. You should expect that the tick will hold on hard but it will come away easily enough. 
  • Be very careful not to twist the tick, pull sharply or pull sideways.  Pulling aggressively at the tick could break pieces off it and they could get stuck in your pooch.  Also squashing the body of the tick can inject more tick venom into the dog and this can be quite dangerous. You do not want any of the tick to remain in the dogs skin.  This can lead to infection.
  • Crushing or squashing the tick can lead to more venom and inner tick fluid being injected into the dogs skin and you want to avoid this as much as possible.
  • Place the tick in a glass jar and seal it tightly. Check the site for any more of the tick in case it broke. It is a good idea to check the rest of your dog for more ticks as sometimes they can pick up more than one on a walk especially in high grass or bushy areas.
  • Take the tick and your dog to your vet as soon as possible.  They will check the dog for signs of poison and check that you have removed the tick successfully.  Take the jar with the tick to the vets and they can inspect the tick to see if you broke any parts of when removing the tick.
Ticks are dangerous and can kill. They are not something to be taken lightly.


The first thing to do is store the tick in a jar.  You can add some isopropyl alcohol to kill the tick.  Keeping the tick is useful for several reasons.  

Firstly you can show the vet when you take your dog in to get checked and they can confirm that nothing broke off the tick.  

Person Cleaning Hands under WaterSecondly if your dog comes down with any odd symptoms in the next few weeks or months you will have the tick for the vet to do analysis on.  This can help pinpoint any diseases which may be transmitted to your dog from the infected tick. 

And if you forgot to wear gloves as we suggested it may be useful for your doctor if you come down with something from handling the tick.

Lastly don't forget to clean up.  You should wash your hands and the tweezers thoroughly and use antibacterial cleansers.  You should also use antiseptic cream on your dog if you have some.  If not get some from your vet but its a good idea to have some around just in case of situations like this.


Warmer weather can bring out the worst in ticks and fleas.  For this reason spring and summer are usually going to be the worst time for outbreaks of ticks and fleas.  But that doesn't mean ticks and fleas hibernate, they can appear at any time of the year and endanger your dog.

Flea medicine
Prevention is the best medicine for tick and flea control on your dog.   There are many products which can be used for preventing ticks and flea infestations.  There are topical treatments which you can apply to the back of your dogs neck, oral medications which are taken regularly which can cause the fleas and ticks to die when they bite your dog, dips, shampoos, collars and sprayers.

The most popular products are generally the topical ointments for the occasional outbreak but if you live in a tick and flea prone area then the oral medication is the best choice.

Talk to your Vet 

Your local vet will be able to give you good advice on which tick and/or flea treatment to use. They will be able to give advice on how to clean your house or yard to clear out the source of the infestation.

Another good reason to talk to your vet about flea and tick medicine is because some animals should not be given certain forms of the treatment or they may react badly.  The main group of dogs which you should be careful when using a new tick or flea treatment include:

  • Old dogs and elderly pets.
  • Sick and ill animals. Ask your vet on any interactions with your flea or tick treatment and any other medication you may need to give to your dog.
  • Young puppies as the dosage will need to be restricted.
  • Pregnant dogs or dogs which are nursing puppies.
  • Any dog which is on existing medication for another ailment. Your vet will be able to advise on this.

Precautions for Tick and Flea Treatments 

These treatments are the same as any medicine which you would take yourself.  It will have a clear set of instructions which you should read carefully.  If you have any concerns on it talk to a vet.

Never use medicine intended for another animal on your dog.  Especially different sizes of dogs as treatments will be made especially for a certain size dog.  Also never use kitten or cat flea treatment on a dog as it can be very serious.  If you have done this talk to your vet as soon as possible.

There are natural ointments which can be used to get rid of ticks and fleas but before using these you should consult your vet for advice.

Watch the dosage.  Always given the prescribed dosage and never double up on treatments.  Don't give your dog a topical treatment and then give it oral medication.  Do not mix treatments or medicine as you can not be sure on the overall dosage you are giving your beloved pet.

If you are using an external treatment (spray, ointment, shampoo) then you should wear gloves when handling the flea and tick medicine and you should wash your exposed skin as soon as possible after applying the medicine. 

Make sure you read the storage and disposal instructions.  You do not want to leave it in a place that could poison a child or another animal.

Multiple pets can be an issue when trying to apply an external tick and flea treatment.  You should keep the animals away from each other so that they can not lick the treatment off. You don't want them swallowing an external flea treatment or an external tick treatment as they are full of harmful chemicals when ingested.  

You should always watch your dog carefully after you apply a treatment regardless if they have had the medication before. There is always the chance they could have an adverse reaction. If you notice something weird such as change in appetite, vomiting, diarrhea or excessive saliva then you should be on the phone to the vet as soon as possible to get a recommendation.

While tick and flea treatments and medicine can provide a massive relief for your pets it is still full of chemicals and are poisonous to the irritants. But treat them carefully and with respect and you shouldn't have a problem with ticks or fleas on your pet.

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Have you ever suffered from flea or tick infestations or has a tick made your dog sick?
Let us know what other advice you have found works by leaving a comment.

Why not read our advice on hiccups in dogs as there are some great and funny videos which are definitely worth seeing.

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Natural Remedies to Cure Dog Hiccups


Most dog owners have seen their dogs get hiccups.  Its most notable when a dog is asleep and then suddenly starts convulsing with cute hiccups that wake them up.  When this first happens to a new dog owner they start to panic and question whether dogs get hiccups the same as people? why are they hiccuping, and how can they help their dog to cure the hiccups.

If you want to check out the best items to relieve hiccups in your dog right now without reading the article then try these recommended items:

High Quality Low Grain Dog Food
Slow Down Dog Bowl for Eating and Drinking


The good news is that your dog is more than likely fine.  Dog hiccups are totally normally especially in puppies.  Just like you can get hiccups so can your dog.  The great thing is that there are natural remedies which can cure your dogs hiccups easily.  But if your dog has been hiccuping for a long time and none of the advice provided helps you should see a vet just to make sure everything is ok.  At the very least the hiccups will be annoying your puppy so you want to get it cured as soon as possible.
Dog sitting on red cushion with dog hiccups


Just like you can get hiccups so does your dog.  Hiccups in dogs are caused by the uncontrollable spasms which can occur in the diaphragm.  While this may seem a bit concerning when its put in medical terms it really isn't anything to worry about. The dog's hiccups will generally disappear on their own. If they do not then you should try applying one of the natural techniques given in this post.
The dogs diaphragm is a muscle in the dogs chest which pulls air into the dogs lungs.  Sometimes he diaphragm can become out of synchronization with you glottis and this can cause it to spasm and give your dog the hiccups.


Another cause which sounds very similar to a dog with hiccups is a condition caused reverse sneezing.  Reversed sneezing is defined as a very large intake of air.  Reverse sneezing is often accompanied by the onset of the dog snorting while the dogs mouth is closed.  This can give the impression you dog is hiccuping or struggling to breath. Learn more about reverse sneezing at wikipedia.
This is a  great video showing what reverse sneezing is in a dog :

Knowing the difference between reverse sneezing and hiccups is a good thing to know.  Here is a video of a few different cute puppies which are hiccuping.  The first is of a dog named buck who is a heeler.  

This next video shows a very cute bernese mountain dog with the hiccups.  

Something you should notice is that both dogs are puppies.  Puppies are more prone to getting the hiccups then older dogs which brings us to the next question which is why do dogs get the hiccups.


Scientists has investigated the causes of dog hiccups and have come up with a few ideas on what are the common factors and lead up activities which can contribute to dogs getting hiccups. 
  • AGE - Young dogs (also commonly called puppies) are much more prone to getting hiccups.  Puppies younger than a year old can get hiccups a lot more often then dogs which are older than 12 months.  Puppies have been known to get hiccups in the womb of their mothers.  Some scientists have suggested that hiccups may actually be beneficial to a puppy as it may help their lungs to expand making them stronger.  So if you have a puppy with hiccups it shouldn't be any concern as they will likely grow out of them soon.
  • STRESS AND EXCITEMENT - Dogs which are stressed or excited are much more likely to end up getting the hiccups.  Excitement can cause your dog to breath differently and take in large gulps of air which can bring on the onset of hiccups.  Puppies are much more excitable then older clamer dogs and this is why puppies are more prone to getting hiccups.  Stress from an unfamiliar situation can also cause your dog to become anxious and breath differently. Helping keep your dog calm can help to avoid puppy and dog hiccups.
  • FATIGUE - Dogs get hiccups in their sleep and when they are fatigued.  Dog hiccups during sleep are a natural thing to expect.  The dogs body relaxes and this can cause their breathing to change which brings on the hiccups.
  • GULPING FOOD OR WATER TOO QUICKLY - Dogs which try to eat or drink too quickly can ingest air with their food giving themselves he hiccups. This is by far the most common cause of hiccups in both dogs and their owners. Again puppies are more prone then older dogs to eating and drinking their food too fast. There are certain dog bowls which will help to slow down the consumption of food by your dog and prevent hiccups.  
Here is a video of a dog which is getting hiccups in its sleep.


Normally dog owners do not need to help or worry about the dogs hiccups.  This is because they are totally normal and will generally relieve themselves within a short time.  Sometimes though dogs can get irritated by the hiccups especially if they are occurring frequently. When your dog gets hiccups alot it is a good idea to try a few of the natural remedies which are available.  I have listed below the most common ways to help your dogs fix the hiccups and help them go away.
  1. WAIT.  The first option is to wait and see what happens.  In most cases the hiccups will fix themselves.  If your dog does not get hiccups often then this is a great time to grab your phone or camera and take a quick video to share with the world.  Youtube has a large collection of dogs with hiccups because they are all cute and funny to see. Its always great to brighten up someones day with a video of your dog.
  2. GIVE YOUR PUPPY SOMETHING TO EAT OR DRINK.  Just like a glass of water can help fix your hiccups and quick drink or snack for your dog will help fix their hiccups.  When you do provide the treat or water try and moderate your dogs consumption so that they do not gulp down the food.  As we know eating too fast or drinking too fast is a common cause of getting the hiccups.
  3. CALM DOWN YOUR PUPPY.  If your puppy got the hiccups from too much excitement or stress then a quick cuddle from its owner may be all that is needed to help it calm down and regulate its breathing.  A quick pat while your dog sits still can really help.
  4. SLOW DOWN YOUR DOGS EATING AND DRINKING.  If the hiccups were caused by eating or drinking too fast then you may want to consider getting a specialized dog bowl which has been designed specifically to slow down the consumption of food.  These bowls have raised sections inside them which means your dog can not consume too much food too quickly. To prevent drinking too quickly there are special water bowls that can slow down your dogs drinking.  They have special ridges and are great for sloppy drinkers who spill water everywhere.Another option is a food dispensing puzzle feeder,  These puzzles for your dog give out a small amount of food when they are solved.  Its great for both slowing down the consumption of treats as well as giving your dog something fun to do so they do not get bored.
  5. EXERCISE.  If calming your dog has not helped then maybe they need to be exercised to regulate their breathing.  A dogs breathing will change when they are running and playing with their owner.  The dogs heart beat will increase and this can relieve hiccups.  Forcing your dogs system to concentrate on another activity such as fetch can help get rid of any spasms in the diaphragm.  Sometimes exercise is easier then trying to get your dog to take a drink of water and a walk or game of fetch with your puppy is great exercise for them and you. 
  6. DOGGY DIET.  A low grain diet can help with some dogs which have hiccups caused by what they eat.  For some dogs a high grain feed can bring on the hiccups or can contribute to them getting hiccups.  If your dog regularly get hiccups then it might be wise to try a high quality low grain diet. There are a lot of options out there for low grain diets. 
Puppy in dog bowl
There are special bowls to help slow down dogs eating and drinking.
No one enjoys getting the hiccups.  That includes your dogs.  So why not try sme of the natural remedies especially if your dog is prone to getting the hiccups. If you monitor your dogs attitude when it has the hiccups you will be able to see if they are stressed about them or they are calm and relaxed.  In any instance if its cute we would love to see a video of your dogs hiccups and if you have any of your own advice let us know so we can share the doggy advice.
Want to share your video of your puppy hiccuping or have any more advice then make sure you comment below. 
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